Vida Nueva




Pastor Leon Vidal and his wife Erika started Vida Nueva in 2016. They were sent out by New Life Church with our blessing and meet in a beautiful store front space on Kuykendahl Rd. in Spring, just south of Spring Cypress Road. Their vision is to preach the gospel to the Hispanic Community in the Houston and surrounding cities. This includes the following:

  • Reconciling man to God
  • Disciple families into a spiritual maturity
  • Renew the minds of the Hispanic people through the teachings of the word of God.
  • Teach the children at a young age to persevere in living a life of faith according the teachings of the Bible.
  • Work with men to practice a life according to Christ’s teaching.
  • To teach the Women respect love and nurture their homes according to Christ’s Teachings.
  • Impact our community by bringing the message of faith hope and love trough the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for Vida Neuva that they would be able to fulfill the vision God has given them. Also, lift up prayers for Pastor Leon and Erika and their three children, George, Martha and Genesis.