Prayer Ministry

We are the water draw-ers and water carriers for the people of God. We are a small group of sinners, saved by grace, who have learned to accept the sinful humanity of each other & extend grace and to love one another through the love of Christ Jesus. We have set ourselves to prepare our hearts before Him, to trust Him, and to believe His Word to abide in Him, as Jesus bade His own disciples to abide in Him, that we might receive the fulfillment of His promise:

…that whatever we ask the Father in His Name, He may give it to us (John 15:16).

prayerWhat does prayer mean in the church as a ministry?

We have given ourselves to serve God in regular prayer together to seek the will of God for His people gathered in this place; to seek the face of God for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. We support our Pastor in His efforts to serve God in this body, asking God to strengthen him with His Spirit, to bless mightily the Word of God in His heart and mouth, and to direct his energies according to God’s own purposes for this body of Believers. We have undertaken, also, to support the ministries of the church with our regular prayers and intercessions, asking the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction on behalf of every ministry leader and ministry participant. We are committed to wait on God, and to watch and pray against the devices of the adversary; to intercede as may be necessary on behalf of the people who request His special interventions; and sometimes, to fast and pray when the Holy Spirit recommends it.

Since prayer is a way of life for us, we strive to integrate prayer into every ministry of the church and lift up church wide requests every week.

Contact Teresa Leger for more information about our Prayer Ministry.