New Life Church is part of the Old Town Spring Heights Community Association (OTSHCA), a group of five area churches which have come together to make an impact for Christ in the nearby community of Old Town Spring Heights.  We are different in ethnicity, culture and denomination but we all worship the same LORD and are blessed through relationships that are deepening as we serve together within the community of Old Town Spring Heights.

Transformation is happening in this small but important community!  Old Town Spring Heights was once known as the neighborhood “across the tracks” from Old Town Spring. Although rich in history, it was a neighborhood known as a drug infested death trap for Spring area teens.  By God’s grace we are beginning to see the elimination of crack and drug houses and crime is on a down turn.  Children who used to walk the streets uncared for, forgotten, and naked in the winter are now clothed and cared for.

And there are signs of renewal. Residents are coming together around a new learning center, working together in a community garden, celebrating new street lights and finding pride in having a cemetery that pre-dates the civil war receive recognition as a historical landmark.  But most importantly, people’s lives are being changed with the good news of Jesus Christ.  All of this culminates in worship together to give God glory for all that he has done. Praise God!

If you would like to be involved or see what God is doing right now in Old Town Spring Heights, check out the OTSHTF website.

Task Force Member Churches:
  • Church of the Living God – Pastor Barbara Linton
  • New Life Christian Reformed Church – Pastor Andy Sytsma
  • Spring Antioch Baptist Church – Pastor Eric Wilson
  • St. Paul United Methodist Church – Pastor Krejchi Hester
  • Truevine Missionary Baptist Church – Pastor Darrin Moore
  • Haven Community Church – Pastor Scott Hescht