Home of Hope

Home of Hope Texas  provides a place of refuge and safety for adolescent victims of human trafficking. They seek  to provide long term care, rehabilitation, and healing for victims of modern-day-slavery and sexual abuse so that these children regain value and self worth; re-enter our society with their head held high and live successful, productive lives. If possible, children are reunited with their family or placed into loving family environments, where they will receive the love and support they need for the rest of their lives.

We view our partnership with Home of Hope as one way of fulfilling God’s call to stand up for the oppressed.  Over and over in Scripture we hear God’s heart for the marginalized and victimized; we cannot ignore the reality our city of Houston has one of the highest rates of sex-trafficking in our nation. Working together with Home of Hope, we seek justice and freedom for those who are exploited through modern-day slavery.