LaTishia Center

TED_0610-EditPosition: Children’s Ministry Director
Phone: (281) 353-5935

I’m excited to be the Children’s Ministry Director at New Life.

My vision for our children’s ministry is focused on teaching kids about Jesus and equipping them to be in close relationship with Him. Beyond a great lesson on Sunday morning, there are plenty of other pieces to that puzzle. Relationships between kids must be cultivated. Relationships between kids and teachers also need to be built. Volunteers must be encouraged. Parents must be supported. We have a lot of work to do, and God has been preparing my heart to do this work. I trust that God will prepare and call many others of our New Life Family to be a part of this vision as well.

I grew up in a small town (so small that it was technically a village) in West Michigan. I was raised by loving parents alongside my older brother and younger sister. I came to Christ shortly after starting college. My sister was still in high school and she began attending the local Reformed Church’s youth group. Then my family started to attend services. I had been taught about God my entire life, but this shift in my family is what led me to a personal relationship with Jesus. Halfway through college I met my husband, Russ, and we got married in 2002. After graduating from Central Michigan University in 2004, Russ and I left everything we knew behind in Michigan and set out for Texas for me to start my teaching career. We found New Life Church in 2005.

Russ and I now have four children: Jennifer, Samuel, Josephine, and Silas. I quit teaching full time soon after Josephine was born in order to be a homeschooling mom. So, if you ever ask my kids what grades they’re in, they may give you unusual answers. Overall life is great, God is perfect, and my family is excited for this new chapter of ministry.