Dear New Life Family,

We have a few new initiatives that you should be aware of. This Sunday, we are starting a new message series called “Ignite” and we will explore together how God ignites passion for Him. Also, on Sunday, May 21st we will be launching our Reveal Survey so we can have an accurate picture of where we are as a church. In many ways this is like taking the spiritual pulse of the church and based on the results we will move forward in different ways to help strengthen discipleship at our church.

Finally, one of our families has a new initiative in their life. After being without a job for more than two years, Brien Williams has received a job offer!! We are thrilled that God has answered prayers. However, at the same time, we are sad that this new job won’t be in Houston. Brien and Debbi will be moving to North Carolina in a few weeks. Brien has served as our Elder of Discipleship the past 2 ½ years and has helped us in many ways, most recently spear-heading our Discipleship Team which is doing our Reveal Survey. Debbi has also served in many ways, most recently teaching a class on Evangelism. I’m sure I speak for all of us but Brien and Debbi are dear friends to us and part of our church family. We are so happy for God’s provision with Brien’s job but at the same time will miss them dearly. Brien and Debbi have written a wonderful letter to us showing their love and appreciation. Please take time in the next two weeks to show your love and appreciation to them. Grace and peace.

In Him,

Pastor Andy

A message from the Williams’

Debbi and I joined NLC several years ago.  Not long after we joined I lost my job of some 34 years.  After many, many days of searching and prayer, we have found a great job.  It’s with a good company and the pay and benefits are great, and it’s in a very nice location.  The bad thing is we will need to move as a result.  Very soon we will be moving to North Carolina to what we would say is our next adventure.

Being with NLC and getting to know and serve alongside you has been a great blessing to us.  Prior to NLC we were spiritually stagnant, at best, and my employment situation had become very stressful and unfulfilling.  Strange to say it, but coming to NLC and losing my job have been some of the best years of Debbi and my life.  It has given us time that we would otherwise never had.

We have had the time to serve in leadership and teaching – I’ve even had the opportunity to preach a few times; what a blessing.  And while NLC has challenges ahead of her, I can honestly say we are healthier and more focused than in recent years.  We are encouraged that leadership has set your spiritual welfare as a very high priority.  Please give them patience and support – trust them.

We’d like you to know that during our time of searching we’ve grown much closer to God and to each other.  Through prayer and daily devotions we’ve grown to understand that God’s provision is sufficient, and that through prayer and thankfulness, he will provide.  In our mind we knew that God is in control, but it took time for our hearts to embrace it.

In closing I’d like to say thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and the NLC community.  It has been an honor to serve, and we will miss you.

Brien and Debbi Williams

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