At New Life Church we want to help you take your next step in following Jesus. When we gather in worship on Sunday we gather to hear God’s word and be in his presence. This is how we get our spiritual bearings, hear words of truth and hope, and be filled with his Spirit. But we can’t just hear God’s word and be in God’s presence. We have to apply his word in our lives and grow in grace, step by step following Jesus.


How do we grow towards maturity? We believe that discipleship is key to our spiritual development. Jesus preached the gospel and said “repent and believe the good news!” But he also told his disciples “come follow me.” Deep life change is possible, but only in the context of real, authentic community. We desire to grow in love and relationship with both God and one another and develop spiritually as disciples and leaders.

There are different ways to grow. We know that different people are at different stages of spiritual maturity. We also know that growth looks different for children, young people and adults. Finally, we also know that God has designed the church to grow in community. We have put together a variety of resources for you and your family so you can grow. We believe deeply that the end goal of spiritual formation is to join God on mission. Yet, we also recognize one size doesn’t fit all. People grow in different ways and at different paces. You may even grow through a ministry or situation outside of our church. Praise God!

Our prayer is for you to grow towards maturity. If we love God passionately and seek to find Him in our every moment of the day, God reveals to us a life that is filled with true joy in spite of the obstacles this world puts in our way. That joy supports us in our daily trials. He gave His life so that we could have peace knowing that God is in control and grow in grace in every area of our life.